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Seminar on e-government hosts by KSU's Deanship of e-Transactions and Communications Dr. Yousef Al-Ohali

Dean of e-Transactions and Communications, Yousef Al-Ohali has announced that his deanship has launched a new service, dubbed “My CV” (Sirati). The service allows students to build a professional CV online with and sent as a text document that can be downloaded, printed, and forwarded to potential employers and other interested parties.

After explaining the new service and its innovative aspects, Dr. Al-Ohali pointed out that My CV has been created to address Rector Abdullah Al-Othman’s mission to enhance the electronic transaction process at KSU using the most current technology available.

Dr. Al-Ohali said that his deanship strives to develop the University’s e-transaction infrastructure to serve all members of the KSU community, and that the Deanship’s e-Portal (Website) is KSU’s window to the world.

Engineer Abdulaziz A. Al-Oraij, Director of KSU’s Portal and e-Services Department (PD) said that My CV will allow students to list their relevant information in a professionally designed document, which can be exported in a format that complies with the best standards of quality. Moreover, he said, an online link can effectively connect a student’s CV and personal contact information to a pool of potential employers in all sectors, thanks to search engines.

“The My CV service,” said Al-Oraij, “Recommends best practices for creating and distributing CVs. Students maintain their CVs for an extended period of time, beginning in their first year of university. They add accumulating data such as job experience and education as they progress through their education.”

Al-Oraij, Abdulaziz

“Another feature,” said Al-Oraij, “Is that students may make electronic requests for recommendation, which professors will automatically receive. When professors send their recommendations via e-mail, the information can automatically be loaded into the CV.”

The service opens new horizons to KSU students, enabling them to easily contact - and be contacted by - potential employers, saving both parties a substantial amount of time and effort. According to Al-Oraij, My CV and other available services provided by the PD are just the beginning. King Saud University is a portal to a better tomorrow for all our sons and daughters. This new service will open more doors for young Saudis towards a prosperous future, and with the help of an ever-expanding plethora of e-services provided by the Deanship of e-Transactions and Communications”.

The Deanship of e-Transactions and Communications was initially established as the Computer Center at the Al-Malaz in 1978. At the outset, rented IBM computers were used, but the University eventually established an aggressive, fast-paced development program for its electronic services.

Today, known as the General Directorate of Computer & Information Systems, this facility is staffed by highly trained staff using the most advanced equipment.

Objectives of the facility include:

  • Developing and applying strategies to determine the University’s needs for technological information;
  • Developing an executive plan to provide computers, network links and software required for the implementation of this strategy;
  • Supervising the maintenance of the main computers, as well as personal computers for KSU faculty and staff;
  • Modernizing hardware and software, as well as applying necessary upgrades and updates;
  • Constructing application systems that computerize and automate tasks performed in different KSU administrations;
  • Designing and developing KSU’s main data base is order to integrate and unify data and information sources within the KSU computer network;
  • Identifying the University’s network requirements to accommodate all computerized applications.
  • Archiving data, as well as ensuring its security; and
  • Conduct training courses in IT for KSU employees

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