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King Saud University has signed a memorandum of understanding with Dr. Nasser bin Musfer Al-Qurashi Al-Zahrani, founder of an encyclopedia and museum bearing the title of “Peace Be Upon You, Oh Prophet,” to have KSU’s Translation Center to translate the encyclopedia and relevant information about the museum.

“KSU, this inveterate scientific institution, is the best qualified to carry out the translation,” Dr. Al-Zahrani said. “It will cooperate with the [KSU translation] center and with 5,000 translators around the world. That is why we signed the agreement with KSU.”

According to KSU Rector Abdullah Al-Othman, who signed the agreement on his university’s behalf, said he has enrolled 15 assistant professors to support the project, the most qualified to be assigned on a full-time basis. Dr. Al-Othman added that KSU is supporting the project financially and has devoted a location for it in Bourj Al-Ibitkar (Invention Tower) in KSU’s Riyadh Techno Valley (RTV).

The “Peace Be Upon You, Oh Prophet” (PBUH) encyclopedia, part of a project begun four years ago by Dr. Al-Zahrani in the Holy City of Mecca,” consists of more than 300 volumes, 60 having already been published, and includes everything that has been written about the revelation. Translation of the voluminous encyclopedia, which includes everything written about the revelations, will be available in all the major languages including English.

The agreement, according to Rector Al-Othman, is in line with the university translation center’s global humanitarian mission to acquaint all nations and individuals with Islam and the Prophet in a humanitarian world language, in application of the verse “We sent thee not, but as a mercy for all creatures (Surah Al-Anbiya 107). KSU recently established the Engineer Abdulmohsen Aldrees Chair for the Biography of the Prophet and its Contemporary Study.

The KSU Translation Center was established in the 1977-78 academic year as an administrative faction directly affiliated with the Council and the Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Research.

Dr. Al-Zahrani took advantage of the agreement signing ceremony to announce his plan to establish the Peace Be Upon You, Oh Prophet University in which the scriptures of the two revelations, the Quran and the Sunnah, will be taught employing scientific and innovative methods. He said he also will establish an electronic portal and website to complement the university’s purpose and to highlight the museum’s features. The museum’s construction, inspired by the encyclopedia, has several divisions and includes practical and concrete explanations for some of the Prophet’s addresses, furniture, clothes and possessions.

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