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Dr. Nora Al-Shaikh, Dean of KSU Olaysha Campus for Girls, was the featured speaker at a lecture on Sunday, March 20, on the importance of conserving water.

The lecture, at the Environmental Development Unit on the Olaysha campus, emphasized the cost of producing and desalinating water.

"Water conservation is the No. 1 issue worldwide", Dr. Al-ElShaikh said, "and Saudi Arabia ranks as the top offender for wasting water".

She highlighted the need to take action to correct this and the importance of water as a resource.

“We need to spread awareness among students and the rest of the university for saving water in our region,” she said.

The geological structure of the Arabian Peninsula, its lack of water resources and its highly saline seas make the cost of producing potable water very high, Dr. Al-Shaikh noted. But, despite that, the cost residents pay is extremely low -- 5 percent to 10 percent in Saudi Arabia -- compared with the government’s share of the cost,

It is also low compared with rates in other developed countries.

Dr. Al-ElShaikh concluded with a call for individuals to take personal responsibility for conserving water and to spread the concept. She explained that this coincides  with Islamic beliefs in avoiding wasting in all forms.

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