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King Saud UniversityIn the final days of King Saud University’s 2010-2011 academic year, Dr. Ibrahim M. Al-Harkan, Dean of Graduate Studies, reiterated the University’s commitment to supporting lecturers and demonstrators in their continued studies abroad.

KSU plays an important role in the national strategy to encourage a higher education, he said, and the University has made remarkable progress in sending its finest representatives overseas to obtain higher degrees.

Addressing an audience of ambitious Saudi academics and scientists, Dean Al-Harkan discussed the goals of the University’s Support Unit for Demonstrators and Lecturers (SUDL), saying, “We have boundless expectations, and it is this university’s mission to lead the nation to even more profound greatness. You are the knights and leaders of tomorrow. You are the Kingdom’s treasure. Our plan to prepare you for your role in the shortest amount of time will not be derailed.”

He said the university’s insistence that lecturers and demonstrators study abroad has nothing to do with the deanship’s capability to fulfill its tasks at home and does not disparage the standards of Saudi university graduate programs, yet the University sees studying abroad as part of Kingdom’s obligation to speed up the creation of a knowledge-based society and accelerate Saudi society’s accession to world-leadership in all fields of academia and science.

“The idea behind such scholarships is deeper than what many might imagine,” Dean Al-Harkan said. “Each one of us has his unique talents and a role to be fulfilled to the best of his abilities, according to the broad vision of higher education in the Kingdom. Every step that KSU takes as a leader of higher education in Saudi Arabia and in the Arab world is a national victory.

“Led by KSU Rector Abdullah Al-Othman and supported by Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi, Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, KSU is steadily achieving international prominence on the wings of Saudi talent and skills,” he continued. “There is no room for failure!”

SUDL was established in 2009 to secure acceptance for KSU Demonstrators and Lecturers at international universities of excellence, and provide these participants with invaluable financial and administrative support during their studies.

In addition, SUDL endeavors to establish effectual and long-lasting relationships between these international universities and King Saud University, which will ultimately enable a smoother and speedier acceptance process.

Dr. Ibrahim has explained in recent months that not only does the SUDL program elevate standards of education in Saudi Arabia, but participants act as ambassadors of the Kingdom and their religion abroad, serving as a unique and national source of pride.

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