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King Saud UniversityA King Saud University research team, including Doctors Ehab A. Fouad, Mahmoud El-Badry, Fars K. Alanazi, Maha M. Arafah and Ibrahim A. Alsarra, was recently awarded two patents by the Saudi Arabian Patent Office for their innovations in pharmaceutics.

Patent number 2661 is entitled “Preparation of Acetyl Salicylic Acid (i.e. Aspirin) and Glutamic Acid Complex for Oral Administration”, while the second patent, number 2664, is entitled “Acetyl Salicylic Acid-Caffeine Complex for Rectal Administration”.

In fact, King Saud University’s Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (IPTL) program has submitted the first of these two innovations to the European Patent Office (EPO) in order to broaden its protection and improve its marketing potential.

Acetyl salicylic Acid (ASA) acid, one of the oldest available drugs still used as a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory agent and an anti-coagulant, is frequently used in small doses by cardiac and blood circulation patents and those wishing to prevent stiffening of the coronary arteries (arteriosclerosis).

Due to ASA’s acidic nature, however, its side effects include inflammation of the stomach’s lining (gastritis), which can lead to peptic ulcers if taken orally. If taken anally (using suppositories) some people experience inflammation and tearing in the tissues of the colon.

It was an object of the KSU team, therefore, to provide a pharmaceutical preparation comprising ASA acid with minimal side effects.

The IPTL program is an invaluable resource for KSU inventors, providing expert advice for protecting intellectual property and facilitating the transformation of ideas into actual products that have great social and economic value.

The growth of KSU patents facilitated by IPTL provides Saudi society with clear examples of how KSU is playing an active and leading role in Saudi Arabia’s rapid academic and scientific progress. The efforts have also led to long-lasting and sustainable partnerships between KSU and industry leaders throughout the .

KSU ranks first among Arab countries in terms of patent registration with several of its faculty members holding US and European patents for which they were awarded King Abdulaziz Medals.

Ehab A. Fouad – King Saud University’s Department of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy)

Mahmoud El-Badry - King Saud University’s Department of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy)

Fars K. Alanazi - King Saud University’s Department of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy); the Dr. Walid Amin Kayyali Pharmaceutical Industry Chair

Maha M. Arafah – King Saud University’s Department of Clinical Pathology (College of Medicine)

Ibrahim A. Alsarra – KSU Department of Pharmaceutics (College of Pharmacy) and the Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Research.

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