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Petrochemicals Research Chair (PRC)A memo of understanding and scientific cooperation was recently signed between two of KSU’s College of Science’s prominent research chairs: The PRC (Petrochemicals Research Chair) in the Chemistry Department, and the Advanced Proteomics and Cytomics Research Chair (APCRC) in the Zoology Department. Chair supervisors Dr. Mohammad Wadaan (APCRC) and Dr. Salem Al-Deyab (PRC) expressed their delight at this agreement, which bolsters cooperation between the two research chairs and enhances KSU’s internal research infrastructure. In fact the Research Chairs Program strives to encourage and set up productive partnerships between chairs of common interest, which will enrich the research and intellectual produce of the university.

The memo defined the venues of cooperation between the teams of both Chairs in scientific research and practical training and carrying out research projects in their respective specializations.

The memo also calls for the exchange of study and research results and the use of labs in the two Chairs to make the best use of the equipment.

King Saud UniversityThe memo also arranges for the exchange of advice and technical services and the holding of scientific and training programs and workshops. Also stipulated are the investment of the brilliant talent in both Chairs to produce outstanding joint research, with publication in international refereed academic journals.

It is hoped that this agreement will increase the competitiveness and the capability of the research chairs program, improving the quality sand quantity of KSU’s scientific output and production.

The PRC was established in the summer of 2008. It aims for the fruitful application of science in research and development, in the area of petrochemicals, through reliance on distinguished scientific skills and advanced laboratory instruments. It also aims to provide research and training courses and technical services and consultation to specialized companies.

The Advanced Proteomics and Cytomics Research Chair primarily aims to develop natural substances derived from living organisms like bacteria, fungi, plants and others for the purpose of the discovery of new types of growth inhibitors that can be developed to resist the growth and treatment of various types of cancer cells.

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