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Members of the King Saud University’s Council of the Rectorate of Development and Quality gathered for the seventh time shortly after the conclusion of the 2011-2012 academic year, the primary order of business being plans and recommendations for the upcoming school term.

King Saud UniversityDr. Fahad M. Alkolibi, vice rector for Development and Quality, presided over the meeting which was attended by deans of Quality and Development, E-learning and Distance Learning, the director of the Follow-Up Administration and the supervisor of the Department of Statistics and Information.

For Dr. Abdulaziz Alsadhan, this was the beginning of his term as dean of E-Learning and Distance Learning.  Dr. Alsadhan replaced Dr. Sami Al-Homod who Dr. Alkolibi congratulated for the accomplishments made during his term.

Dr. Alsadhan began with a presentation in which he cited statistics, figures and requirements related to preparation for the next academic year,. His presentation was underscored his by his appeal to the faculty to download their course curricula on their personal websites.

Dr. Alsadhan also stressed the deanship's’ readiness to complete equipping their classrooms and installing e-teaching services in the new female students sections in the Diriya Campus. The new dean said that the female sections would be provided technical support . Discussions also covered the receipt by the colleges and departments of their electronic equipment.

Council members proposed that Dr. Abdulrahman S. Al-Dawood, vice rector for Quality, and Dr. Alsadhan initiate a mechanism to reimburse faculty members who publish their electronic scientific course curricula on their website. The E-learning and Distance Learning’s new dean was also asked to devise a mechanism capable of enhancing the electronic preparation of faculty and students in the classrooms.

The council said members should be encouraged to submit suggestions and that an incentive program should be implemented to award a college or unit which makes the best use of electronic systems. The suggestions should be submitted to the dean of E-learning and Distance Learning within the next two weeks, the council added.

A recommendation was made and passed to have the Deanship of Development form a university committee to evaluate the new electronic systems (Ohd), the committee to be  formed from relevant departments.

In other business, Ibrahim Al-Suleiman, director of Follow-Up Administration, presented a list of his office’s accomplishments of his office.

The council discussed the hotline  (4693399) which receives all remarks from KSU members and clients.

Members also discussed the implementation of the quality control system in the Follow-Up Administration, a system devoted to assessing the college’s readiness for the first semester of the next academic year. The assessment would be announced on Follow-Up Administration’s web page.

The council also endorsed a clear and extensive publicity campaign to acquaint KSU faculty, employees and students with the hotline and urged an immediate implementation of a smart ID card system to be valid in all parts if the university.

The council also reviewed a presentation made by Dr. Saad A. Al-Hamed, assistant vice rector for Development and Quality, describing the Documents Center and its future plans. Dr. Al-Hamed was asked to review a committee’s recommendation which compared the specifications of the E-Transactions and Communication Deanship and the Documents Center and the two systems presented by the council, using them to prepare a documentation order applying a constant and unified methodology for all KSU constituents.

The council concluded the meeting by examining a presentation made by Dr. Khalid A. Alnowibet, Head of the Statistics and information Department. In his presentation, he described his administration’s achievements in the past year and the various publications which have included books, guides, reports and newsletters. The council examined developments in the administration’s website and its future project such as the integrated data projects.

The council moved to ask Dr. Alnowibet to follow up on implementation of the integrated data project.

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