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King Saud UniversityA series of training workshops for King Saud University faculty members concerning Twitter, university teaching, and current publishing practices in international scientific periodicals was initiated on the first day of the new academic year.  The first of the workshops was launched by the Deanship of Skills Development.

Initiated by KSU Rector Badran Al-Omar, the workshops are designed to highlight the importance of scientific integrity and academic ethics in the teaching and research procedures.  Rector Al-Omar feels it is important for faculty to be committed to scientific integrity and academic ethics in the teaching and research procedure to project a good image to students.  He also stated that the faculty’s job does not simply entail delivering course content, but should include other and perhaps even more important tasks, such as participation and leadership in the teaching process.

In his opening address, the Rector said:  “I have no doubt that the faculty member is the main engine of this huge plant in KSU.”  He feels that the quality of the students and the knowledge they gain is commensurate to faculty loyalty and their drive to be innovative and creative.  He noted that KSU has a shining reputation and inspires pride, and he feels these workshops will assist in making KSU even better.

Rector Al-Omar concluded:  “I hope every faculty member will develop his teaching skills and learn how to use technology in the teaching process, and focusing on electronic teaching.  I hope he will make scientific research a companion to his academic research.  He should not be satisfied with just earning a PhD, but should keep seeking new knowledge to upgrade himself and the university.”

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