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King Saud UniversityKing Saud University’s Research Chairs Program has released three publications that introduce all facets of the University’s research chairs.

The program has traditionally issued booklets and pamphlets to describe the various research chairs and their contributions to the KSU community and within the Kingdom. A preview of each publication follows.

Endless Giving

This 130-page book introduces the philosophy of the research chairs and their achievements, which include patents, books, research and scientific papers, workshops, meetings and procedures It also includes transcripts of lectures, field trips, scientific excursions, contracts, partnerships, agreements, articles and reports. Relevant photos are used to complement the text.

Facts and Figures

In a 28-page booklet, the program features an account of the development of the chairs’ various fields: humanitarian, economical, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and engineering. The booklet explains the distribution of chairs by college, as well as the training of and standards expected of chair advisors.

This booklet also describes the ongoing expansion of cooperation between the research chairs and societal and scientific institutions, resulting in agreements, partnerships and contracts. In addition, it reviews the volume and development of scientific publishing, the preparation of graduate students, scientific awards, the contributions of foreign faculty and the variety of all chairs activities. The text is complemented by not only pictures but  tables, illustrations, and maps.

King Saud University

Introductory Booklet to the Research Chairs, Sixth Edition

The booklet’s 36 pages are devoted to the vision of research chairs and the means used to fulfill that vision including aims, financial resources, the amount and frequency of payments, the prerogatives of funders, the details of expenditure, the structural organization of the project and its internal bylaws. A list of the chairs by field is available, along with evaluations and research modus operandi. The booklet reveals comparable research chair experience abroad -- particularly in Canada, Japan, the United States and USA and European countries.

Publications are just one role of the KSU Research Chairs Program, founded in 2009 to address the acute problems of the world. Although KSU is firmly devoted to its homeland, the University aspires to provide world-wide services. The chairs and their highly-trained personnel provide considerable scientific reference and support and are geared toward:

  • Promoting the university and the Kingdom a world-class status research and development talent pool.
  • Disseminating the culture of research, development, innovation, and creativity.
  • Developing and promoting a comprehensive scientific research apparatus that generates an uninterrupted flow of theoretical and applied knowledge to be applied through many means.
  • Targeting research on areas of national priority such as water desalination, nanotechnology, biotechnology, microelectronics, and information technology.
  • Promoting research and publication in Islamic and Arabic studies.
  • Optimizing investment of the university's human and advanced support resources potentials, attracting distinguished scholars in order to learn from their experiences, and investing the university foreign relations in this respect.
  • Fostering a high-caliber generation of researchers in the various scientific disciplines and giving them the opportunity for quality training and fulfillment at home and abroad.
  • Enriching human knowledge, increasing the pace of research at the international level and promoting scientific and technological productivity, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Incorporating the experience of world-class outstanding to enhance collaboration with institutions throughout national and international societies and developing partnerships whenever and wherever feasible.
  • Enhancing the University's role in sustaining the development of the national knowledge-economy and other scientific and technological industry to help maximize KSU’s formidable international competitiveness.

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