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King Saud University Strategic PlanOn Sptember 1, King Saud University’s Deanship of Development unveiled its technical support program for the completion of Balanced Scorecards. Along with the unveiling, a training session was held for various university units involved in the application of KSU’s 2030 Strategic Plan.

Balanced Scorecard monitors the performance of all or part of an organisation, towards strategic goals. It uses financial and non-financial performance measures to highlight areas where the organisation is failing to do what is required or was expected.

Project Manager Ali Al-Shehri, the director of the Balanced Scorecard Completion Program and director of faculty and staff programs for the Strategic Plan, conducted the training session.

King Saud UniversityDean of Development Professor Salem S. Al-Qahtani, the leader of the Strategic Plan Team, said the Deanship of Development is eager to provide the best tools to empower university units in implementing their strategic plans.

This, he said, includes connecting all strategic plans with a Balanced Scorecard, making it possible to follow the progress of individual units in the implementation of their strategic plans. The Balanced Scorecard also allows decision makers to implement the strategic plan to its best advantage.

Dean Al-Qahtani added that the Balanced Scorecard connects all units’ master plans to KSU’s overall 2030 Master Plan, making it possible to transfer to it all data pertaining to each unit’s individual master plan and highlight each unit’s accomplishments. This encourages units to record any progress in the implementation of their own master plans.

The Balanced Scorecard also provides practical bases from which to measure the university’s progress toward its short- and long-term objectives. This is needed to manage, measure and follow up on the performance and contribution of various university units as the university strives to achieve the objectives of its main and secondary initiatives.

Strategic Plan directors who manage the Balanced Scorecard program at the university also train personnel in its use and provide technical support.

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