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King Saud University’s Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Harkan, chaired the fourth session of the Deanship’s Council for the academic year 2012-2013 which was held on Monday, December 3, 2012.  To open the session, Dean Al-Harkan delivered welcoming speech.

Dr. Saad Al-Ghanim, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Secretary of the Deanship’s Council, reviewed the agenda for the session, assuring that topics would be addressed in the correct succession.

Dr. Al-Harkan reminded participants of the importance of ensuring that all graduate students attending lectures have been electronically registered before allowing their attendance since non-registered attendees could potentially create problems for KSU.

 Acting on the memo from Assistant Vice Rector for Graduate Studies – Development and Quality, suggesting the removal of the English Language TOEFL test from the admissions requirements in the Special Education Master of Science Program, the Council agreed.  The recommendation was that this requirement be removed for all students who entered during academic years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, and for all future academic years, and this recommendation was relayed to the University Council.

 The Council also moved to accept a second memo from the Assistant Vice Rector, amending conditions of acceptance in the Electrical Engineering PhD program.  The recommended amendments require applicants to

  1. hold a KSU MS in Electrical Engineering or the equivalent;
  2. pass the TOEFL with a score no less than STEP 83, IELTS5, CBR173, IBT61, or PBT500;
  3. ass the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test with a score of no less than 151 in the quantitative section.

 Lastly, if the applicant holds the KSU MS in Electrical Engineering with a thesis graded at no less than 4.25 at least two years before applying for the PhD program, the applicant will be exempted from the third condition.

The Council also adopted a memo from the Student Affairs Committee which requested approval to write MS and PhD theses in English for six male and 17 female students due to there being no reference works available in Arabic.

Dean Al-Harkan stated that the Council also formed separate committees to discuss 9 specific student PhD theses, including:

  1. Johara bint Abdul-Mohsen al-Khalaf’s Social Studies thesis
  2. Fathiyya bint Ali Al-Qahtani’s Islamic Studies thesis titled “the Efforts of the Salafi Ulamas Facing the Intellectual Movements of the Fourteenth Century Hijri”
  3. Fahad bin Saeed Al-Qahtani’s Islamic Studies thesis about Masnad Al-Bukhari’s work
  4. Aqeel bin Salem Al-Shamri’s Islamic Studies thesis regarding interpretation
  5. Arwa bint Ali Akhdar’s Educational Administration thesis titled “The Productive School in Public Education in General Education in the Kingdom: An Applicable Proposal”
  6. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Moujaide’s thesis in Educational Administration titled “Developing the General Education Schools in the Kingdom in View of Beginning Privatization”
  7. Nauf Abdulla’s thesis in Educational Administration titled “Developing the Administration of Knowledge from the Prospect of University Leaderships”
  8. Khalid bin Said Al-Saidi’s thesis in Physics and Astronomy titled “Analog Conversions for the Dirac Equation by the Repetitive Approach Method”
  9. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Sayyid’s thesis in Statistics and Operations Research titled “Marginal, Conditional, and Joint Modeling of Categorized Longitudinal Data”

King Saud UniversityAlso adopted during the session was an Admissions Committee memo about acceptance of lists for parallel teaching programs for the second semester of 2012-2013 in the departments of Special Education, Computers, and Information systems.  Parallel programs are identical to regular programs but are held in the evening.  It was noted that in some colleges, the increase in the number of graduate students enrolled in the parallel system exceeds the number enrolled in the regular program.

 The Deanship of Graduate Studies was established in 1973 to specifically address the needs of current and prospective graduate students.  The Deanship Council considers all matters relating to postgraduate studies at KSU, including proposing the general policy for graduate studies.  The Council consists of the Dean, consultants of Graduate Studies, Dean of Scientific Research, as well as representatives of the colleges that offer Graduate programs.

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