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King Saud UniversityKing Saud University’s Rector, Badran Al-Omar, has sponsored an assessment of the Deanship of Scientific Research by the Scientific Research Agency for Graduate Studies and Research.

The assessment will include a workshop titled “Development of the system of Scientific Research in the University" to be held on Feb. 5 2013.

The Dean of Research, Dr. Rshood M. Khraif, said his goal for the workshop was to survey the current state of scientific research at KSU by breaking up the workshop into five main sections.

The first will cover the current state of research and those involved, while the second will examine the specific challenges faced by research programs at KSU and ways to overcome such challenges.

The third section will review the standards and quality of scientific research at KSU, and aims to specify criteria governing research to ensure high standards.

The fourth will examine the system of research with the goal of developing regulatory management of scientific research at KSU, while the fifth section will be an opportunity for workshop participants to share their ideas and proposals for the development of KSU’s scientific research programs.

Vice Dean of Scientific Research, Dr Ahmed A. Al-Othman, said the Deanship is very interested in discussing the views and proposals of those attending the workshop.

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