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The International Conference for the Development of Quranic Studies organized by KSU's Chair of Quranic Sciences began this week in Riyadh.

The conference highlights the interests of the Quranic Studies Chair by drawing attention to the role of KSU in the development of Quranic studies and scientific communication

It has been organised in collaboration with the  Interpretation of Quranic Studies’ Center, and is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Quranic Chair

The aim of the International Conference on Quranic studies is to bring together national and international researchers, specialists, and parties interested in the Quran and  science.

It provides a platform for experts to offer their experiences and research, discuss plans and programs, and ways to contribute to the development of the field of Quranic studies, as well as a chance for scientific and professional cooperation between individuals and institutions working on the Holy Quran.

Scientific committee organizers at the conference invited specialists from within the Kingdom and abroad to submit their papers and original scientific research that fit with the scope and objectives of the conference.

There will also be a number of events including panel discussions, professional training courses, exhibitions informing participants on Quranic institutions and creative projects related tot he Holy Quran.

Invitations were sent to sectors potentially interested in the theme of the conference, most prominent of which are Quranic universities, colleges and departments, specialized scientific associations and institutions, and international specialists in the Holy Quran.

The conference is structured around six major themes, including scientific research and specialist studies, educational and administrative research, software and technology development related to the Holy Quran, awards and competitions in the field of Quranic studies, research funding and finance, and media coverage of Quranic studies and institutions.

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