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King Saud UniversityBudding inventors among the staff and faculty at King Saud University have been buoyed by a workshop conducted by the university's Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing (IPTL) program to explain how they, and the university, can capitalize on their inventions.

In association with the Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI), IPTL Director Khalid Al-Saleh described during the workshop on Monday March 11 the various incentives provided for inventors, the assistance offered in patenting developments and the rights inventors have to their creations.

King Saud University PatentsAt KSU there are many facilities and incentives in place to encourage inventors and assist them in speeding up their patent applications by using simplified straight forward procedures.

The Inventors Portal ( is one way this can be done and professor Al-Saleh explained its use.

Details were also given as to the conditions that should be fulfilled by the invention to earn the patent and  how KSU retains ownership of all patents earned by its members, according to the Saudi Patent Law, and the program’s regulations, bearing in mind the inventors intellectual and material rights.

IPTL presenting by Dr. Al-SalehInventors get a generous remuneration for the license to use the patent, which can be up to 60% of the generated value.

KSU now has 14 patents registered in various patent offices around the world.

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