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A group of students from the Riyadh Community College (RCC) has been given a powerful lesson in the dangers of terrorism, reckless driving, drugs and alcohol during a visit to the Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Exhibition to protect youth.

Visiting the exhibition last month the students viewed exhibits designed to highlight the dangers faced by young people, including an exhibit on the practice of reckless drifting, know locally as “Tafheet” or “Al-Derbaweya” style.

RCC students at Prince Naif Exhibition to protect youth1

These forms of reckless driving are responsible for the injury and deaths of many young people on roads in Saudi Arabia each year, and the exhibition is dedicated at reducing these numbers.

Terrorism was also highlighted as a risk facing the young today and students were told how to avoid becoming involved in it in their day to day lives or via the Internet.

Finally the group viewed of series of displays on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and were encouraged to remain faithful to their culture and moral commitments.

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RCC students at Prince Naif Exhibition to protect youth