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Values ClubThe 'Values Club' at the Agency of the Preparatory Year Deanship held a training workshop on games development for female students at the Olaysha Center for Girls.

The students were nominated by the deanship and met set criteria for computer and mathematics skills, and exhibited an expansive knowledge of the gaming field.

During the workshop students received basic material to execute a project, specifically to design and develop a game with an engine, within a set time.

The supervisory team mentored the students and gave them electronics lessons intermittently throughout the day to further facilitate the construction of their project.

The workshop accomplished its two main goals; further establishing the students on the path towards games development and developing the students’ skills in game design using a real time exercise.

The training workshop also included other components, which included an introduction to online games, steps to kick starting a career as a games developer, general statistics on gamers, and profits in the field.

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