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Excellence Center for Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME)Experts in the teaching of science and maths have come together at Kind Saud University for a workshop aimed at improving the development of teachers skills and how academia and practical teaching can work together more closely.

Held at the Excellence Center for Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME) the workshop entitled 'The procedural research between theory and practice' was held on Tuesday April 3o.

Attendees included 20 faculty members and the Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Rshood M. Khraif.

A broad range of presenters participated in the workshop with representatives of  the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences, consultants from  private educational services companies, academics from Um Al-Qura University and Princess Noura University.

Ttheory and practiceDuring the workshop the lecturers spoke about the concept of procedural research, its characteristics, and its role in the continuous professional development of the teacher.

The research lesson was introduced as the “Lesson study,” a derivative of procedural research.

A number of the attendees raised interesting points during question time, which contributed to the enrichment of the subject and so the atmosphere of interactive conversation prevailed, which had an effect on the success of the workshop.

During the workshop the award for procedural research in the education of science and mathematics was launched. The award aims to encourage educators, teachers, supervisors, school principals and those in charge of lab preparations to do more procedural research.

The workshop was part of a series of scientific meetings, organized by the Centre to build  effective partnerships with the authorities and achieve the national goals in relation to education.

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