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King Saud UniversityStudents and staff at King Saud University will be safer in future thanks to a new program being implemented by the General Directorate of University Safety and Security to tackle fires or other crises.

General Directorate of Civil DefenseThe Deanship of the Preparatory Year has worked with General Directorate of Civil Defense, the paramedics of the King Khalid Hospital, the General Directorate for Maintenance and the General Directorate of University Safety and Security to formulate the plan.

This plan aims to establish basic knowledge of what an evacuation is, find out the locations, space and divisions of the building, as well as form an emergency team (one for evacuation, one for extinguishing, and another for rescue) from the affiliates of the Deanship of PY.

Two workshops have been held to educate teams on their tasks and train them so that they would be able to react swiftly to save lives.

The workshop also aimed to show the locations where malfunctions and errors took place  to show all the administrations and the teams where the problem is and how to work solve them and work more efficiently in an emergency situation.

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