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King Saud UniversityThe Deputy Minister of Education has opened the Third Conference For Mathematics at King Saud University in Ridyadh which focuses on the teaching of mathematics in public education.

Organized by the Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences the conference was held on Monday May 13 at both the men's campus at  Dir’iyya and the women's at Malaz.

The Deputy Minister Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Sabti, told assembled guests investing in people is the most important thing countries do in the field of mathematics and scientific research and KSU was excelling.

The goal of the conference is to establish an exchange of expertise, ideas and information in the field of mathematics between the educational institutions in the Saudi Arabia.

Also it seeks to enhance communication between researchers and specialists in the Ministry of Education, universities and educational institutions and gauging the degree of difficulty teachers and students face when teaching and learning mathematics.

Khalid bin Abdullah Al-SabtiDr. Al-Sabti also pointed out the Ministry is concerned with two goals, namely the adoption of the results of scientific experiments in mathematics into learning and training teachers to keep abreast of developments.

In collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Institute, the institute intends to form a team to represent the Saudi Kingdom in the  International Mathematical Olympiad.

The education process, Dr. Al-Sabti said, needs all the concerted efforts of the institutions and bodies which were represented at the conference from within Saudi Arabia including the  Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences.

During the conference a number of trends, and hopefully future global trends in research, were discussed which could lead to new fields of teaching to improve the learning of mathematics.

Research projects and experiments in the teaching and learning of mathematics were discussed, to improve education and assure its quality.

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