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Prince Mohammed bin Khalid bin Abdullah AlfaisalHis Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Khalid bin Abdullah Alfaisal, the chairman of the Al Faisaliah Group (AFG) inaugurated the Research Laboratory for Optical Technologies and Fiber-optic communications at KSU on April 30.

The Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Research Institute (PSATRI) and Radio Frequency and Photonics for the e-Society (RFTONICS) at the KSU are both part of the new institute’s vision to become the pioneering establishment for research and technological development for defense and national security.

RFTONICS is supported by a national program working to increase technical innovation centers in the Kingdom and is also affiliated with the future King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

Prince Mohammed bin Khalid bin Abdullah Alfaisal with Sami AlhumaidiThe Kingdom’s defense goals require a great deal of interaction and cooperation between the public and private sectors to achieve.

Sami Alhumaidi, the Institute’s executive director, Ahmed Al-Aameri, the Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and other faculty members at KSU were part of the inauguration committee.

In his keynote speech, Alhumaidi thanked HRH Prince Mohamed bin Khalid bin Abdullah Alfaisal for his attendance and support of the event.

The US-based Agilent Technologies was also highlighted and thanked as a major supporter of the institute.

Alhumaidi also discussed the institute’s new capabilities in providing the latest knowledge to transfer and localize technology and its commitment to build a bridge between academia and industry.

The institute’s capability also included increased ability to offer solutions and technological consultations for national defense.

Alhumaidi highlighted the role of national research centers such as PSATRI and KACST and their partnership with KSU in offering consulting services to the Ministry of Defense.

University and government partnerships potential includes consulting on matters regarding contracts for technology transfers, production, and local development in business with foreign companies in effort to establish domestic factories and companies focusing on new technologies.

The research centers plan on conducting independent studies, providing consulting and training services, and participating in testing and fielding experiments.

King Saud UniversityHRH Prince Mohammed bin Khalid bin Abdullah Alfaisal, then gave a speech expressing his delight the contributions of the institute to advancing the Kingdom’s defense sector in such a motivating and innovative environment.

He added that the research labs represented by RFTONICS are the building blocks for the Kingdom’s future informatics fortune, and ended his address by highlighting the extensive technical and technological cooperation between the company, Agilent, and the university, KSU, represented by PSATRI, in conducting military studies.

Seiji Grose, Agilent’s deputy CEO gave a speech on the future of cooperation between the company and the institute and the concerted closeness of relations between the public and private sector.

The institute reflects the need for the Kingdom’s integration in order to move forward in scientific and technical fields and further aid the military sector.

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