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King Saud UniversityKing Saud University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute has been tapping into the significant innovative potential of reverse engineering with a lecture on Monday May 20 on the possibilities the technique holds.

Reverse engineering involves deconstructing an object to find out how it works so that inovations in design and operation can be made, and it holds great potential for design in automotive, aerospace, entertainment and consumer goods industries.

AMI engineer Syed Hammad Mian presented the lecture earlier this week and focused on the various applications for reverse engineering, as well as the process's growing popularity and diversification.

Engineer Syed Hammad Mian giving a presentation on reverse engineering at KSU's AMI.Mian's lecture also included a case study outlining the various steps to successfully carry out reverse engineering.

KSU students, researchers, and faculty members attended the lecture and discussion.

AMI's hosting of such a lecture is another example of KSU's drive to remain at the front of technology innovation and design in the region.

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