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delegationvisitedfacultyaffairsA high level delegation, commissioned by the Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, visited King Saud University late last month to advise on human resource development at the University.

The group was heded by the minister of civil service, Abdulrahman Al-Barrak, and included multiple international experts, including several individuals from the RAND Corporation, a US- based global think tank.

The Director of the Department of Human Resources Development, Faisal Al-Harbi, and the Head of the Media Unit Deanship, Yusuf Al-Ahmari, received the delegation.

King Saud UniversityThe delegations objective was to observe and evaluate the department’s performance, as well as to dialogue with top officials on how to improve the services provided.

The visit began with a meeting between Al-Ahmari and the delegation, to discuss the role of human resources development in furthering the skills of the employees of the University faculty and staff.

Proposals and ideas that may contribute in raising the performance of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development of the League Arab were also part of the conversation.

The delegation then went on a tour of the campus and visited notable building such as the Sheikh Hamad Al-Jasser Hall, and saw the unique features of the main lobby of KSU.

At the end of the visit the delegation expressed their admiration of the constructive efforts of the deanship to raise the level of services provided to employees at the university and praised the leading role KSU exhibited.

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