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King Saud UniversityKing Saud University has received a new patent from the US Patent and trademark office for a new multi-bladed dental tool inby a member of KSU's faculty.

KSU recieved that patent last month for the tool invented by Dr. Fahad Ibrahim Al-Fatiny.

Khalid Al-Saleh, the director of intellectual property and technology licensing program (IPTL) at KSU, described the invention as an innovative teeth tool that works as a lever for tooth extraction with two blades on a handle connected at an angle of  135 degrees.

King Saud University PatentsAs for the importance of this invention, Khalid Al-Saleh said that straight single-blade teeth levers are considered some of the most effective tools to use for uprooting teeth in terms of wedging and lifting movements.

But most other dental extraction tools only touch the tooth surface at one point, which can means tools can slip and move while a dentist is trying to manipulate a tooth and can cause damage to the mouth and other teeth, or even breaks which require surgery.

As mechanical tools are still needed by dentists, Al-Saleh said tools that reduced the chances of slipping were required, and so the new tool was invented using two blades or nibs, increasing stability and efficiency, and reducing the risk of damage and surgery.

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