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Hisham_KholidyResearchers at King Saud University have secured a US patent for a data encryption system that dramatically reduces encryption time, making it useful for large data sets in chemistry to social media.

 The director of KSU’s Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing Program (IPTL), Khalid Al-Saleh, has called the invention, developed by Hisham AbdElazim Ismail Mohamed Kholidy, a great contribution to data encryption systems.

Mr. Kholidy’s development runs encryption operations in parallel using single processors and compresses to help lower the volume of data exchanged in grid computer networks. This combination has reduced the time required to encode data to just a few minutes.

King Saud UniversityHe has also enhanced the security level of the encryption software by altering encryption operations so they are different to known encryption operations already in use.

Al-Saleh said the new encryption system has a wide range of applications, particularly for encrypting large amounts of data in scientific applications such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. He said it also would be useful for rapidly encrypting the large amounts of data generated by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and email and file transfer servers.

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