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A blood donation campaign to support dwindling blood banks at King Saud University’s various hospitals was launched this week under the slogan "a drop of your blood revives them." King Saud University’s dean of distance and e-learning, Abdulaziz Alsadhan, launched the campaign, organized by the Deanship’s Public Relations and Media Department, earlier this week. During the inauguration, Alsadhan said the campaign was launched because of severe shortages at hospital blood banks, He said it was important to show solidarity with  patients in need, and to help spread a culture of donating blood among KSU employees. The campaign has so far witnessed a huge turnout, particularly from employees at the distance and e-learning deanship.


During a typical donation, and adult gives around eight percent of their blood, with white blood cells and platelets replaced in three to seven days, and red blood cells replaced within a month of donation. An adult can safely donate blood once every two to three months, and not more than five times per year.


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