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dean-hassan_meeting-studentThe public relations department organized with the cooperation of the committees of student activities at the College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS), the first open meeting between the new College Dean Professor Hassan Mathkour and students , at the opening of the meeting the main points that were agreed on previously were presented for debate. The point focused mainly around  the academic hub in addition to the social, technical and finally student activities .

Dean Mathkour began his speech by welcoming the attendants and went around the concerns raised, and praised the efforts and activities of student committees and invited them to host any faculty member in the College for the establishment of discussions and dialogues in the academic and technology fields to enhance the scientific aspect of the student. He was happy and showed his desire to establish regular monthly meetings to follow up the implementation of the proposals and solving the problems at hand.

In conclusion, Dean Mathkour stressed the importance of sustaining a constructive debate between the Dean of the College and community college students.

In a related development , the college Dean Mathkour was  delighted to open a meeting with  the female students via closed-circuit television where he  discussed the transfer of the College from Malaz to University City in Dir'iyya also spoke about the opening the enrollment in all the departments of the college for students and transfer process and all the subjects related to students in terms of academic subjects , he also stated his happiness and pride of the Women's participation in the College development and the magnitude of the capabilities and knowledge contributed to building a knowledge-based society .

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