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In continuation of the lecture-series in Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI), King Saud University, Eng. Syed Hammad Mian made a presentation titled “Improving inspection task on Coordinate Measuring Machines”. The presentation was held at AMI lecture room on March 17 2015, at 8:30 a.m.

Eng. Hammad has been working as a full time researcher in AMI. The primary focus of his research includes additive manufacturing as well as methodologies and techniques for effective reverse engineering and efficient measurements using coordinate measuring machines.

Eng. Hammad stated, Coordinate Measuring Machine has been an important tool in quality control owing to its high accuracy and  precision. As the requirement for product accuracy increases, effective inspection planning and execution becomes indispensable to meet the complex requirements.  The effectiveness of an inspection plan generated by Coordinate Measuring Machine greatly depends on the measurement cycle time. This is due to the fact that lesser the inspection time taken by the measuring machine, better will be the performance of the inspection process.

In addition, Eng. Hammad informed the various methods which can be used to improve the inspection task on Coordinate Measuring Machines were elaborately described. The application of various algorithms to determine the best possible probing sequence was explained in detail.

The lecture was well attended by professors, students and researchers.

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