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King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology made a training course for students from the Department of Botany and Microbiology, College of Science, KSU, entitled "Nanotechnology applications in the field of microbiology", as part of a series of training courses offered by KAIN for outstanding students in microbiology program.

Further, the training course included a lecture on the various physical and chemical methods for the preparation of nanomaterials, methods of characterization, and applications of nanotechnology in the field of microbiology. The training course included a practical training on chemical preparation of nanomaterials, separation methods, and hands-on practice on characterization of surface area, particle size and thermal properties. It also included a practical training on using scanning and transmission electron microscopes for the characterization of nanomaterials.

Moreover, the training course was delivered by Dr. Ahmed El-Toni, Dr. Aslam Khan, and Dr. Joselito Labis, and students were accompanied with Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim from the department of botany and microbiology, College of Science.

It is worth mentioning that King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology offers such training courses in an effort to raise the scientific level of university students, and in order to spread scientific awareness about nanotechnology.

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