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In the continuation of community serving, Engineering College’s Innovation Center organized the Engineering Enrichment Summer program in Engineering Design Principles during the period of July 26 to August 13, 2015. This program was collaborated with the Foundation of King Abdulaziz and His Companions for Giftedness and Creativity (TALENT) and with the support of the University “Knowledge Industry System” and the “Science” company.

A total of 40 high-school students participated in the program. The college provided daily transportation for the students.

Further, this program aims to develop students' creative skills, guide them in accordance with their interests and abilities, enhance communication between students and the college of engineering and open promising prospects for the students to continue their education. The students received through this program specialized scientific activities and skills of advanced quality for the development of all personal aspects of engineering innovation and knowledge.

Moreover, the Engineering Design Program was devised to introduce students to the basic concepts and principles of engineering and related activities. It provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and highlight them in the context of solving problems, enhance their skills of creative and critical thinking, the ability for decision-making, teamwork, planning and time management, as well as other skills, such as writing specialized technical and public speeches.

In addition, this program also focuses on teaching engineering design process through exposure to the challenges facing engineering design. Students also discuss relevant engineering issues such as safety, sustainability, and other important engineering practices. The program supports inquiry and query methods by asking specific questions rather than providing answers, and allows students to reach their own conclusions, and adopt a design process that involves review and documentation.

At the end of the program, a closing ceremony was organized under the auspices of the College Dean where certificates were awarded to participating students. The sponsoring parties and those in charge of the program were also honored.  

The College Dean delivered a speech at the ceremony, stressing the importance of the “Talent program” and the fact that it is consistent with the overall goal of the College in providing extra- curricular activities and an environment for the development of students’ imaginative and creative abilities, for which the Engineering Innovation Center at the college was established. Mr. Saud Alsail from the Enriching Program of (Talent) as well as Dr. Mohammed Mohaimeed, the representative of “Science Company” also delivered speeches during the ceremony.