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Within the wide concern of the College of Dentistry in King Saud University, the college represented by the development and quality agency, the College of Dentistry staff, male and female students participated in the International Quality Festival on 02/1437H conducted in the main hall at the female students university city. The festival's opening ceremony was conducted by the university deputy for female students affairs Dr. Eynas Al Eissa in the presence of a huge number of other colleges aiming to raise the scientific level for students and enhance the research values and creativity. The college participated with it's corner booth in which the unit displayed its achievements and its future plans. In addition an educational video was shown which was produced by the female and male quality student representatives.

Furthermore, a booklet created specifically for the international quality festival was distributed to identify the quality unit and the academic accreditation attained by the College of Dentistry as well as its achievements and future plans.