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Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Research Institute (PSATRI) signed MoU with Lucas Nuelle (LN) and Modern Al-Radef, Local Distributor of LN at KSA on Monday, March 28, 2016. MoU is in the field of production and distribution of advanced and high quality training systems related to technical, vocational and advanced education, as well as the projects for developing training systems for the basic technologies in electrical, electronics, mechatronics, telecommunication and automotive fields. This is in addition to experimental systems of practical applications, systems of learning, blended learning and labs infrastructure for these technologies.


PSATRI Signs Memorandum with Lucas Nülle - Pic 1

Dr. Sami Alhumaidi, Executive Director, PSATRI (left)
Mr. Sebastian Neumann, Regional Manager, LN (center)
Mr. Zuhair Alhabib, Chairman, Modern Al-Radef (right)

Mr. Sebastian Neumann, LN Regional Manager described that such partnership would be introducing quick and effective training solutions both theoretical and practical for the new technologies through specially designed training systems to fulfill the needs of the current and future market requirements. This should also help in improving the researches ability related to the defense and security and achieving mutual benefit in the field of advanced technologies.


PSATRI Signs Memorandum with Lucas Nülle - Pic 2

Dr. Sami Alhumaidi and Mr. Zuhair Alhabib shake hands after signing the MoU.

Mr. Zuhair Alhabib, Chairman of the Board of the Directors of Al-Radef pointed out that such cooperation was one of the main objectives of the Company, which aims to develop national cadre through modern training systems utilizing the expertise of high technical level companies like Lucas Nuelle and supporting them with researches carried out by PSATRI.


Dr. Sami Alhumaidi, Executive Director of PSATRI, stressed that the partnership was a positive step towards the thoughtful development as well as achievement of the required quality in the field of advanced technologies. He praised the role of the Company in the field of production and distribution of modern training systems.