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On behalf of the Rector Prof. Bdran Al.Omar, the university’s Endowments participated in the 3rd Gathering of Endowments under the auspices of his excellency AL Sheikh/ Saleh bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh the minister of Islamic affairs, Da’wah, Guidance, Endowments and the president of the Supreme Endowments Council. The Gathering was organized by the Endowments Committee of the commerce and industry chamber, it was held at the intercontinental hotel during 5-6/5/1437 H corresponding to 14-15/2/2016.

The importance of the Gathering comes from the need to develop and regulate the Endowments in KSA to participate effectively in the charity and non-profit works, in addition to play an active role in strengthening the economy of KSA. The Gathering ,which was held for two days, reviewed the national, regional and international successful  Endowments experiences such as Vakif University Endowments in Turkish (Istanbul), it is one of the most successful experiences. In addition, The Gathering reviewed strategic dimensions of the Endowments field. Also they reviewed the Endowments investments, the legal bylaws and regulations of Endowments investment, and they discussed many aspects belong to Endowments field.


It is worth mentioning that this third Gathering is an extending successes achieved by the first and second Gathering, where their recommendations has resulted in the decision of the minister council to form general authority for Endowments which will be on duty soon.

The Gathering had a special care from the government where it chaired by number of ministers and Islamic scholars.

The Gathering generated 18 recommendations all of them aim to solve the practical problems of Endowments projects, also aim to suggest scientific and practical solutions in order to  help the businessmen and  charitable people to regulate their Endowments project, and to activate the principal of dialogue and partnership among sectors and endowments bodies. Also, The Gathering aims to regulate the Endowments to be compatible with developments of times.