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On behalf of his Excellency the Rector of university, prof. Badran bin Abdulrahman Alomar, the vice-rector, Prof. Abdullah bin Salman Alsalman, in the presence of Secretary General of Endowments, Dr. Khalid bin Sa’ad Aldafer, and the rector’s consultant for projects, Eng. Khalid Alsheddi, has welcomed his Excellency the president of Board of Grievance and Administrative Judicial Council, Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Yousef. On Thursday 17 Rabbi-ul-Thani 1437, his Excellency did an inspection visit to the new building of Board of Grievance which is Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Alamoudi tower –the second tower of the north side towers overlooking King Khalid Road. During the tour, Dr. Al-Yousef was briefed about the project’s latest accomplishments and progress and the building’s newest technical equipment. He listened to a detailed explanation about the execution stages and timeframe of the project. He pointed out the need to exert more efforts and to follow-up the execution of building within requirements and in accordance to the developmental visions and goals of the Board of Grievance. During the tour, Sheikh Al-Yousef was accompanied with the president of Supreme Administrative Court, Sheikh Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al-Rasheed, and the vice president of the Board of Grievance, Sheikh Ali bin Abdulrahman Al-Hammad. At the end of visit, they discussed the university’s efforts through the endowments program and the optimal investment strategies for the university’s resources and endowments which will support the educational and research processes. Dr. Alsalman expressed his gratitude for this visit to the university’s endowments which facilitates joint cooperation between the two sides