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Under the auspices of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Othman, KSU’s Vice Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, the promotional campaign for the Outstanding Students Program (OSP) was launched campus-wide. The campaign started on Sunday 12/5/1437 at the College of Education, and ended on Thursday 15/6/1437 at the College of Medicine. A similar campaign was launched in parallel on the female campus.

The campaign primarily aimed to introduce KSU’s employees, students, and faculty to the Program, its goals, and future vision, in addition to raising awareness of the culture of outstanding achievement at KSU to promote positive competition among students. Dr. Al-Dalbahi, the Program’s director, stressed that the campaign seeks to emphasize OSP’s role in helping colleges support their outstanding students. Colleges are expected to organize a number of activities and events related to outstanding students, which will reflect positively on their academic and research development.

The campaign involved noticeable participation from the Program’s administration, coordinators, academic counselors, and students, as well as the host colleges’ faculty, staff, and students. Pamphlets and brochures were distributed, and members of the volunteer work team “Fakhr Al-Tatawo’” helped by participating with a booth on the female campus.





The campaign also served to provide the required information to faculty members, students, and college administrators about the Program and its future vision, in addition to allowing them to provide their input and suggestions, which contributed to the success of the campaign.