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Graphene can transform a brittle ceramic into a tough bullet-proof material. The nanomaterials expert Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad demonstrated his current research during weekly seminar event organized by Advanced Manufacturing Institute, King Saud University.  He presented a thoughtful lecture entitled “Graphene toughened ceramics nanocomposites” to a group of professors, researchers and students. Dr. Iftikhar elaborated graphene synthesis methods and the fabrication of ceramic nanocomposite with emphasis on how graphene improves the toughness of alumina (Al2O3) ceramic. Furthermore, it was described that how graphene interacts with alumina ceramic matrix for inducing anchoring and atomic level slip-slick toughening mechanisms. He also supported his research findings with direct evidence obtained from electron microscopes (SEM and TEM) besides other analytical techniques. The research has been published in the journal “Materials and Design 88 (2015) 1234–1243” and has earned attentions from the contemporary peers in ceramic composite technology. The audience showed keen interest in the graphene science, its potential for nanocomposite technology and other functional devices. Numerous questions on the presented topic were discussed.