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Under the patronage of Professor Abdallah Attia Al-Zahrani, Dean of the Community College, the Vice-deanship of Quality and Development at the college organized a lecture entitled “Learning about the Mission of the University and the Role of the College Staff in Realizing it” on Sunday 27/02/1438 AH. The lecture is one in a series of lectures and workshops organized by the vice-deanship in preparation for renewing the university's institutional accreditation.

Mr. Riyad Tohmaz of the Administrative Sciences Department and a member of -the quality committee gave the lecture which was attended by the dean, the vice-deans, the heads of the departments, the staff members and some employees at the college.

The lecture focused on learning about the mission of the university and the role of the staff in realizing it by reviewing how the mission of the college, with its three components: providing distinguished, educational programs, supporting academic research and serving society, reflects the mission of the university and shows the extent to which the work of the college is in line with that of the university and the role of the staff in bringing about that agreement.

Then, the dean gave a brief speech in which he thanked the college staff for their interest in attending such workshops and lectures. He also lauded the efforts of the quality committee at the college for holding such meetings which would help the college prepare well for the visit to be made by a team of external referees of the Association of Learning in Higher Education for renewing the university's institutional accreditation which will be in the period between 4 - 8/12/2016.