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Professor Abdallah Attia Al-Zahrani, Dean of the Community College, attended by the vice-deans, the heads of the departments and a big number of faculty members and students,  inaugurated the Learning Resource Center at the Department of Arts and Education on Sunday 27/02/1438 AH.

The inauguration included a speech delivered by the head of the Department of Arts and Education, Dr. Al-Sogher Bin Mohammad Al-Sogher, in which he stated some objectives of the center such as helping the students master the curriculum though the learning resources, developing the students' research, thinking and problem-solving skills and providing the students with the opportunity to learn English in a self-leaning mode.

Dr. Al-Sogher also highlighted the services which the center provides for the knowledge-seeking students. These services include surfing the net and providing the most important resources for the courses taught by the department and new programs for learning English in a self- learning mode.

Professor Abdallah Attia Al-Zahrani, Dean of the Community College, gave a speech on this occasion in which he spoke highly of the center and lauded the efforts made in preparing it. Then, Prof. Al-Zahrani emphasized that the center is a new addition on the road to knowledge, and as such, it will boost the educational and academic process of the college.  Prof. Al-Zahrani stressed the fact the center will contribute to developing the students' study and research skills in their courses in general and in the English language in particular. Finally, Prof. Al-Zahrani pointed up the importance of such initiatives which contribute to distinguishing the college and the university, realizing their vision of seeking a pioneering and outstanding role and keeping abreast of the requirements for building the society of knowledge.