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Under the patronage of professor Abdallah Attia Al-Zahrani, dean of the Community College, the college held its third meeting with the students for the current academic year 1437/1438 on Wednesday 08/03/1438 AH to honor the distinguished students. The college approved of giving awards to the distinguished students according to a number of standards, such as the student's semestral GPA, actual attendance of classes and active participation in the students' activities.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Al-Zahrani highlighted the importance of motivating the students and assisting them in achieving distinction through the programs and units of the college. He also urged the students to adhere to the national foundations and gains of the country under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, his crown prince and his deputy crown prince, may Allah protect them all, shoulder responsibility as duly as possible and steer clear of anything which might undermine the country and its national security.

Prof. Al-Zahrani urged the students to enhance their mental and academic capabilities and assured that the standards of distinction are a reflection of the skills required by the labor market, besides discipline in and commitment to, or distinction in, the skills of their specialty in addition to contributing to and interacting with the needs of society as these are noble values that are in line with the kingdom's vision 2030.

Prof. Al-Zahrani referred to the role of the Training and Employment Unit at the college in establishing partnerships with the private sector to facilitate the students' training and employment after graduation in an attempt to boost their competiveness and help them earn distinction awards offered by the college.

On his part, Professor Khaled bin Nahis Al-Otaibi, vice-dean of Academic and Educational Affairs, emphasized the dean's speech and stressed the importance of such awards and the motivational role they play in encouraging the students to work hard and participate in extracurricular activities. Prof. Al-Otaibi mentioned that the college does not spare any effort to help the students achieve distinction through its varied programs and units, especially the Student Guidance and Counseling Unit at the Vice-deanship of Academic Affairs through providing a series of awareness and counseling lectures for the students in order to improve the educational process at the college and contribute to benefiting the students and upgrading their academic level.

Prof. Al-Otaibi underlined the fact that the distinguished student represents a key element in the college's pursuit of continual progress and preparation for the labor market. He also assured the college tries to

provide appropriate job opportunities for its graduates. In addition, Prof. Al-Otaibi touched on the standards followed for selecting the academically distinguished students in each semester.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Al-Otaibi stated that the college encourages the distinguished students as it strongly believes in their abilities to achieve distinction.

Then an open discussion with the students was held to address the problems they face and offer suggestions for surmounting these problems and developing the college. Finally, the dean honored the students who achieved distinction according to the above-mentioned standards by giving them the distinction awards.