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One of the key roles played by academic institutions is to instill correct habits and behaviors in the students’ personality. Education is not just cramming and inculcating information into the students’ minds. It is rather a meaningful process to build their personality from all aspects and urge them to have the spirit of social responsibility and self-esteem. Hence, the Student Activities Unit represented in the Student Work Project launched the “Happy Family” Program to promote the culture of social responsibility and the spirit of tolerance and affection. The program is based on the idea of raising the students’ awareness about their duties and responsibilities in terms of family relationships.

The program aims to cast light on the students’ awareness about the rights of parents, brothers and sisters in terms of respect and appreciation, and how potential negative things can be changed into opportunities for building bridges everywhere and anytime.

The social responsibility club students raised a number of family issues and suggested solutions to prepare a generation aware of surrounding challenges. Typical family problems are breaking bonds between brothers and sisters, neglecting parents’ needs while caring for friends, and meddling into others’ business. The students also talked about the parents’ main merits, and the best way to treat them in all cases.