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The vice deanship for student services represented in Ms. Fawziah Bahamam organized “My Track” Program 2017 in Olaysha where various academic and services entities participated. The function covered lectures and an exhibition on the sidelines for different entities from and outside King Saud University.

All KSU colleges participated in the event from 29/5/1438 to 8/6/1438 according to a schedule prepared in advance in collaboration with colleges. The program aims to introduce the specialties available in the University to female students to professionally prepare them for the marketplace. This is made possible through the participation of respective educational institutions, providing the congenial environment helping students choose the right specialty, introducing study plans, specialty requirements and the process of transferring from one college to another. Students raised many questions and got answers.

The program stands as a guideline for students to know their rights and duties in the university life based on the governing rules and regulations.

Internal Participating Entities:

Innovation Center
King Abdullah Nanotechnology Institute
King Salman Entrepreneurship Institute
The academic affairs administration for science colleges
Gifted & Excellent Program

External Participating Entities:

Bader Incubator
The Gulf Patent Office

Target Audience:

Common First Year female students in all tracks ( more than 3000 students)
30 staff in the program headed by Vice Dean Dr. Suad Al-Deehan and Assistant to Vice Dean for Student Services, Ms. Fawzia Bahamam