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The Student Activities Unit represented in the Student Work Project launched “Making Success” Program. The program aims to enhance the culture of success, excellence, and self-confidence through eliminating negative convictions and turning points of weakness into points of strength as a springboard to a better future.

The deanship self-development skills instructor, Dr. Essam, Al-Shami, talked about how to enhance some positive concepts. Students should not fall prey to unsuccessful experiences. They rather use them as an asset to build self- confidence and get self-discovery. Success does not come of nowhere. Failures cement one’s experience and enable him deal with all the surrounding circumstances.

Success has its own ingredients such as goal identification, the way to differentiate between goals and wishes, good planning to achieve these goals, and employment of all the available opportunities.

The program showed some experiences that led to success despite enduring failures. The program later turned into a workshop where students drew some visions and goals. Students came to know the positive aspects that leave their impact on the development of their personalities.