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The Vice Deanship for Development & Quality Training Unit organized a workshop entitled “Techniques

of Designing Training Portfolios”, attended by the Common First Year Dean Dr. Nami Al-Jihani, Vice Deans, and Training

Unit Head, Dr. Saleh Al-Shamrani. The workshop came in continuation of the initiative launched for the

prize of best training portfolio organized by the unit.

The workshop aims to introduce the concepts and terms used in the components of training portfolios.

Attendants will be able to prepare and evaluate training portfolios based on international standards.

They receive training on how to make the training portfolio meet a number of criteria dictated by

training reality.

Dr. Nami talked about how to design a professional training program and the techniques of PowerPoint

presentation. He made it clear that the training portfolio is a representation of executive steps of real

training as the material and activities are based on training goals. He added that it is a document of a

detailed account of training procedures followed by all trainers in a way ensuring the efficient realization

of training program.

The Vice Dean for Development & Quality, Dr. Salah Al-Saleh, talked about the idea behind the contest

in terms of utilizing creative works submitted by Common First Year training experts. These works bridge the gap

between reality and expectations in the performance of those experts.

Dr. Shamrani tackled some important techniques in designing training portfolios such as the ability to

analyze jobs and identify training needs, acquire relevant skills, and apply the methodology of building

training portfolios.

The idea of having a prize for the best training portfolio came within the KSU interest to ensure quality

of Common First Year programs, its pursuit to have academic programs accredited and excellent staff recruited and


The Best Training Portfolio Prize is given every semester at the Common First Year. The prize is subject to rigorous

criteria in the portfolios evaluation.