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Under the auspices of KSU Rector, Prof. Badran Al-Omar, King Salman Institute for Entrepreneurship gave a lecture entitled “Make your Dream Come True” under “Create Your Job” campaign in collaboration with the Common First Year students’ activities unit for RCC and Prince Sultan College for Medical Services at 12 pm Monday 21/6/1438 H. The lecture was attended by 150 students.

The lecture aimed to explore and promote students’ ideas and develop their skills and capacities with a view to establishing entrepreneur projects. This is based on King Salman Institute strong belief in the fact that Saudi youths are a key source of national development being the leading social category in terms of absorbing and keeping abreast of technological advancements.  Saudi youths are able to encourage efficient interaction between male and female entrepreneurs, be more oriented towards productivity and free work away from long queues of the employed.  

Meanwhile, students were introduced to the institute’s programs and activities to train, mentor, support, and finance students’ ideas. There was a suggestion for students to meet businesspersons to get firsthand knowledge of their experiences and recommendations and hold meetings with public and private sectors’ officials related to entrepreneurs directly or indirectly.

Students were given publications and pamphlets in this context such as King Salman Institute for Entrepreneurship brochure, and a number of the institute programs will all relevant details, as well as pamphlets on how to create your job and identify the funds required for entrepreneur projects. Students took down the institute contacts to keep in touch with in the future.