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The Students’ Activities Unit represented in the Student Work Project launched an art program entitled “Promising Talents” to discover student talents and realize its vision in achieving leadership and excellence in all fields.

Amid a constellation of talented students interested in art, there was a PowerPoint presentation on tools of art, their usage in drawing, practical examples, basics of pencil drawing, and utilizing various color materials.

Student Ibrahim Al-Dawood said he was very interested in learning how to draw because he has the talent and wants to turn professional. The culture and art club, he said, is a congenial environment to realize his dream to be an artist.

The club runs these workshops all through the academic year where all physical and cognitive resources are available for students to practice their hobbies in a suitable extracurricular setting. The students’ activities unit seeks to attract all students with talents in all fields and refine these talents to be professional assets in the knowledge-based society for the best interest of the Kingdom.