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The Students’ Activities Unit represented in the Student Work Project organized a workshop entitled “Bader” (Take the Initiative). The function addresses the preparation and execution of scouting programs by students.

The workshop started with a talk about the importance of planning in streamlining human life away from chaos and randomness, and investing time in making more achievements.

 SWAT analysis was used to show strong and weak points, opportunities and threats, and shed light on elements and factors of success, insofar as scouting programs are well planned by the scouting club.

Student Rakan Al- Mezein helped his colleagues to prepare scouting programs as per the specifications required in terms of goals, tools, and timeline. This can also apply to real life when it comes to making plans and selecting the right tools for executing them.

Closing the workshop and based on his experience in the scouting club, Rakan answered many questions about the significance of scouting programs that greatly contributed to changing his personality to the better.