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The CFY Dean Dr. Nami Al-Jihani patronized the second phase workshops of the strategic plan preparation project. The workshops were attended by all Vice Deans, Department Chairs and Unit Heads, and other CFY staff. The second phase was based on the outcomes of the first phase workshops such as SWOT analysis, main stakeholders’ needs analysis, identification of CFY strategic issues, and building future success elements, which stand for the foundations of the CFY vision, mission, core values, and strategic goals.

In this context, Dr. Nami pointed out that the deanship vision is student-centered as the principal focus of the educational process. He added that the deanship goal is not just provide students with knowledge and information. It is rather to build the students’ personality and refine their knowledge, academic and interpersonal skills in a motivating working environment that enables them fully acquire these skills.

The CFY Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Meguid Al- Jireiwi, stressed that the development of the educational content will top the academic tasks in the coming years. The CFY, he added, is the students’ springboard toward university life. Preparing its strategic plan, the CFY is keen on inviting all KSU colleges to identify and analyze their needs, with a view to realizing the principle of academic integration.

To ensure the integrated fabric of students’ personality, the Vice Dean for Student Services, Dr. Mekhlid Al-Onazi, said that the new CFY strategic plan would mainly focus on providing students integrated services supporting academic courses and developing students’ personality. 

In a related context, the CFY Vice Dean for Development & Quality, Dr. Salah AL-Saleh who is managing the preparation of the new strategic plan, reiterated that the seven CFY strategic objectives are supported by 28 initiatives. The strategic objectives, he added, would focus on providing quality services to students, offering advanced study programs, improving institutional performance, building effective partnerships, and developing and retaining faculty and staff. The strategic plan team is currently building KPIs in the light of the established international methodologies used in measuring institutional performance. This will help the deanship build its performance scorecard to continuously monitor the working progress in terms of realizing strategic objectives and initiatives.

Dr. Salah expressed his deep gratitude to KSU administration represented in the Vice Rectorship for Development & Quality for its continuous support to make the strategic plan project a real success.