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With regard to the central role played by the KSU Talented and Distinguished Students Program in providing talented and distinguished students with enrich, qualitative, and supported programs to support them academically and professionally, the Talented and Distinguished Students Program was awarded  Princess Seitah Al-Damir’s developmental scholarship program from King Khalid Foundation, which supports the internal enrichment summer program for talented and distinguished students. This scholarship has been signed by Her royal highness princess Albandari Abdulrahman Alfaisal, the general manager of foundation, and doctor Ali Kanakher Aldelbahi, the head of  the KSU Talented and Distinguished Students Program. This event was held at the King Khalid Foundation with the attendance of program and foundation staff.

The internal enrichment summer program, which is run by KSU and King Khalid Foundation, is considered to be one of crucial programs that reinforce program students’ abilities in the fields that demand English speaking and writing plus understanding English language skills and vocabulary along with their implementation academically and professionally. The British council runs this program in the intensive session involves basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in different periods. The number of students, who benefit from this program, is (50) males and (50) females from different subjects (majors).