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On Monday afternoon, 28/8/1439 AH, and under the patronage of the University’s Rector, His Excellency Prof. Badran Al-Omar, the University's Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammed S. AL-Numay, honored the first batch of KSU distinguished and talented students program, Distinguished Students’ Track. The ceremony was held at AL-Diriya Hall for male students and the University Campus for female students. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of Common First Year, the Dean of Admissions and Registration, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Vice-Rector of the University for Female Student Affairs, and a number of Their Excellencies the college Deans, Vice -Deans, heads of departments from various colleges. The ceremony was also attended by the Program’s staff and coordinators in various colleges, and a number of the students’ parents.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Ali Al-Dalbahi thanked the University’s Rector and the Vice- Rector for Educational and Academic affairs for their continuous and unlimited support to the Program's students, noting that four years of care and building for those competent and young leaders came as a result for the complementary efforts of the University’s directorates and the program, as well as the colleges and supporting deanships. At the end of his speech, Dr. Al-Dalbahi called on the graduate students to be, as entrusted by the University and as seen by Crown Prince in his vision, good role models and a great support for the service of the country and its sovereignty, as well as a real treasure for the country and a basic source of support for its strength and a symbol of giving and obedience to its leadership. Dr. Al-Dalbhi wished the Program’s graduates good luck in their career paths and asked them to take into their account an ambitious homeland, a thriving economy and a vibrant society, which are the pillars of construction and development in the vision of the Kingdom of 2030.

And on behalf of himself and his male and female colleagues in the program, the student Mohammed Al-Faraj thanked King Saud University and its directors for its quality and pioneering program which continuously seeks to provide exceptional care to the University's distinguished and talented students through a wide range of specialized development and enrichment programs. These programs, he added, contributed to providing them with knowledge skills and capacities that supported their creativity and innovation. Al-Faraj concluded by saying, "We promise you that we will be the loyal supporters of knowledge who serve the country and look forward to the vision of 2030, and we will represent the University with the finest and best images by providing the best models of excellence in our coming practical life."

After that, The University's Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammed S. AL-Numay, delivered a speech in which he expressed the University's pride in graduating the first batch of distinguished and talented students, praising the Program and its efforts as one of the University's specific initiatives aimed at building the Saudi youth and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed by our dear homeland to achieve its insightful Vision 2030. His Excellency stressed the fact that this Program has adopted an approach that goes in line with the philosophy of education in the Kingdom, especially in the field of fostering and embracing excellence as embodied in the efforts of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Crown Prince in this domain. He also expressed his thanks and gratitude for the efforts of the program’s management and its staff, as well as the colleges and the supporting deanships in the University for their Contribution to the service of these innovative elites in the university. He called on these elites to serve their country and meet its call to achieve excellence and universality, and also to continue to be successful and distinguished in their professional career through the optimal investment of what they have learned during their university life. His Excellency also stressed the importance of good citizenship to secure a promising future for them and for the future generations, and to give priority to the interest of the nation to the individual interests in the pursuit of building and development.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency the Vice-Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs honored the first batch of the Program’s graduates who won seats in the global competitive program Globalink. He also announced the names of the candidates for the external summer enrichment program in Manchester city in British for further care and attention. Also, the University’s Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs, Prof. Enas Al-Essa, honored the female students in the ceremony. The ceremony was concluded with collective photos that expressed the University's pride in these elites, who would prove reliable in contributing to the building and development efforts on both the University and the country levels.