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The Enrichment Summer Program at Manchester University for distinguished students from different KSU colleges, which was organized by KSU Distinguished and Talent Students Program in the KSU Vice Rectorate for Educational Affairs, was concluded. This program, which took four weeks, involved the intensive general English language course as well as Academic English Language course plus scientific trips to Manchester University and Salford University in order to view postgraduate programs, labs, centres for creativity and invention, and the workshops of leadership at both universities. This program was about 120 practical hours plus the intensive usage of learning centres for leadership through innovation.

Dr. Ali Aldalbahi, the Director of the Program, stated that conducting such enrichment programs is in light of KSU prospects which influentially contribute towards achieving KSU strategic goals that match with the Kingdom vision of 2030. KSU strategic goals can be influentially achieved through establishing and preparing KSU distinguished students to be the building blocks of this vision at both levels, i.e. KSU and Kingdom level. Enrichment programs are correspondent with the goals of KSU Distinguished and Talent Students Program as well as the program plan that aims to prepare distinguished students to be the core of qualifications and scientific leadership through improving and showing their abilities and skills, developing their the scopes of thinking, increasing their abilities to adapt themselves to the requirements of contemporary development. He, Director of the Program, congratulated students who successfully passed the enrichment summer program, praising their eagerness, excellence, and honorable representation of KSU and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He, the Director of the Program, gratefully thanked the KSU rector, Prof. Badran Al-Omar, and the KSU vice rector for educational and academic affairs, Prof. Mohammed S. AL-Numay for their supreme patronage and support of KSU Distinguished and Talent Students Program through supporting the program’s baselines and enriching plans at all levels.