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Based on the positive participation of students in the university decision making and the adoption of the students' supportive thinking for the university decisions, the Students Advisory Council at the Community College held its first meeting for the academic year 1439/1440 AH on Wednesday 22/02/1440 AH chaired by Prof. Abdallah bin Attia Al-Zahrani, Dean of the college and attended by Dr. Sogher Al-Sogher, Vice-dean of Academic Affairs and the member students of the Advisory Council.

In his speech the dean emphasized that the council aims at engaging the students in the educational process and provides them with the opportunity to be in touch with the deanship and participate in making decisions related to the students of the college so as to improve the quality of services given to them and address the problems facing them and find solutions to them. Besides, the dean stated that the Advisory Council is an important feedback tool which the deanship relies for evaluating the educational services and other services offered to the students.

On his part, Dr. Sogher Al-Sogher, Vice-dean of Academic Affairs, emphasized what the dean mentioned in his speech and stressed the importance of communication between the students and the Advisory Council to convey the viewpoints of their fellow students on the educational process and the services which the college offers so that they will be discussed and improved. He also encouraged the students to make new suggestions to improve them and present ideas and initiatives which serve the educational process.

In addition, the Advisory Council discussed a number of topics and suggestions which are of interest to the students and related to the educational process. Appropriate recommendations were also made.